Adoption of the resolution entitled "Global health and foreign policy” at the UN General Assembly (December 12, 2012)

On December 12, the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution in support of universal healthcare coverage presented by France on behalf of the “Diplomacy and Health” group consisting of the Brazilian, French, Indonesian, Norwegian, Senegalese, South African and Thai foreign ministers. This forum allows them to act together to draw greater attention to healthcare as a topic of international relations.

The resolution adopted on December 12 was co-sponsored by more than 90 countries and marks the international community’s commitment to expanding social protection systems in the field of healthcare. France thereby contributes to strengthening the social dimension of globalization.

Universal healthcare coverage aims to ensure that everyone benefits from healthcare services, without being faced with the threat of poverty. It strengthens healthcare systems, guarantees quality healthcare, notably with respect to the fight against maternal and infant mortality, the major pandemics and noncommunicable diseases.

Today, a billion people don’t have access to the healthcare services they need. The World Health Organization estimates that 100 million people fall below the poverty line every year as a result of healthcare expenses.

Universal healthcare coverage thus contributes to poverty reduction, equity and social cohesion, which are central to international discussions that should lead to the development of a new global development framework by 2015, the deadline for meeting the Millennium Development Goals.

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