4M Jakarta Forum 2014 : Informing on the web [id]

This month, CFI (France), AJI (Alliansi Jurnalis Independen, Indonesia), the University Atma Jaya in Jakarta, the Institut Français Indonesia and Regional cooperation delegation France-ASEAN are organizing a forum about online news. For the last three years, CFI has been supporting the development of top-quality independent online news outlets all over the world by means of its 4M programme.

From 23 to 24 September 2014, a 4M forum is being held for the first time ever in South-East Asia, a region where the use of online and social media news outlets is skyrocketing.

Professionals, journalists, bloggers, media entrepreneurs, start-up creators and citizen journalists alike will be sharing their various experiences and know-how and describing their latest initiatives.


Indonesia – Jakarta : How are online media changing journalism and news production in South-East Asia ?

The development of the Internet, combined with strong economic growth and significant political reforms, is profoundly changing the way in which the people of South-East Asia are communicating and interacting with one another. A new media ecosystem is emerging, in which innovative editorial formats are being tried out on the 206 million Internet users in the region. The players in the media industry there are exploring the many possibilities offered by new tools to create revenue while also engaging and interacting with the public in more creative ways.

The 2014 Jakarta 4M forum will bring together over a hundred speakers and participants from all over South-East Asia (Burma, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, East Timor, Vietnam) who will examine how online media are changing journalism in relation to local issues :

• Global to local : new economic models
• Internet law : censorship, self-censorship, pressure from governments
• Opportunities and risks linked to the use of new technologies in a local context

Benoit Thieulin, President of the French National Digital Council (CNNum), will be given carte blanche to discuss all manner of topics in the open session that he is leading during the forum.

The aim of 4M Jakarta is to identify and discuss projects aimed at supporting online media in the region of South-East Asia.

"Launched 3 years ago by CFI, the 4M programme is testament to CFI’s ambition to be an attentive observer and supporter of the new ways of using media that have emerged across the world by virtue of the Internet. These workshops give participants a rare and invaluable opportunity to exchange ideas, discuss innovations and forge contacts for future collaboration on new projects that will be established as a result of this forum " concludes Etienne Fiatte, Managing Director of CFI.


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