France "deeply concerned" over tensions in Ukraine’s Crimea region

Ukraine – Joint declaration by the French, German and Polish foreign ministers¹ (Paris, 28 February 2014)

We take note of the formation of a transitional government in Ukraine supported by a broad majority of votes in the Ukrainian parliament. This transitional government will have to face immense challenges in order to improve the standards of living of the citizens of Ukraine, which can be only achieved through the implementation of the transition and modernization reforms, including the fight with corruption, and respect for democratic values. We are ready to support Ukraine in these efforts.

We remain convinced that political stability and reforms in Ukraine require a broad consensus supported by all relevant stakeholders without exception. In particular, a lasting accommodation of the existing diversity in Ukrainian society necessitates reaching out to eastern and southern regions and engaging with all legitimate interests, including minority rights especially regarding language issues.

The situation facing Ukraine can only be addressed in a sustainable fashion if all major political forces unite and pursue a common agenda.

We are deeply concerned with the tensions in Crimea. Everything must be done to decrease the tension in the eastern region and promote peaceful discussions among relevant parties. We restate our support for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country. We appeal to all parties in Ukraine to refrain from actions that could challenge this.

¹Source of English text: Polish Foreign Ministry website.

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