France is committed for the protection of oceans in Our Ocean Conference 2018 (Nusa Dua, 28.10.2018)

Oceans are the foundations of the ecosystems that make the earth inhabitable by humankind: they contain 50 times more carbon than the atmosphere and absorb around 30% of the CO2 produced by humans. Furthermore, approximately 1 billion people owe their means of existence to marine and coastal biodiversity. As specified in the GIEC report released on 6 October 2018, the ocean environment is threatened by the global warming, with indeed severe consequences for humankind future.

It is thus crucial to preserve and restore the balances that are currently under threat.

With an Exclusive Economic Zone of 11 million km2 in 4 oceans and the 4th coral reefs surface area in the world, France has a strong responsibility for the protection and sustainable development of the ocean. During Our Ocean Conference 2018 in Bali, Indonesia, France will present its strategy, actions and commitments on two key pillars to preserve marine environment: the enhancement of Marine Protected Areas (MPA) and the struggle against marine pollution.

Among the commitments for MPA, France will launch by 2019 a national action plan for the protection of cetaceans, will carry out two studies to improve the knowledge about the coral reefs protection and will foster the creation of an additional MPA in international waters by 2022. Among the commitments to struggle against marine pollution, France will equip the wastewater management network with filters for plastic particle by 2022 so as to prevent the dispersion of these particles into the ocean, will support at European level the ban by 2022 of 12 single use plastic products and will establish a system for collecting and recovering used fishing nets.

AFD, the French Development Agency, fully committed for oceans in developing countries

JPEG In several developing countries (Congo, Morocco, Cambodia, Comoroes, Egypt…) , AFD funds activities aiming at managing marine resources sustainably, supporting the fishery and aquaculture sectors, and protecting marine and coastal ecosystems. The French Development Agency is funding project being implemented for a total of 130 million EUR and is preparing new projects for a total amount of 320 million EUR.
AFD is also joining the efforts of other donors through multi-lateral initiatives having regional or worldwide impacts.

The French Development Agency is joining the Blue Action Fund, a multi-donor fund led by the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and the German Development Bank (KfW) supporting national and international NGO in their efforts to conserve the oceans and coastlines in the developing world and to limit the human activity pressures on those vulnerable areas. AFD signed a 2,5 MEUR grant contribution to the fund on 28th of October 2018, in Bali, for year 2018 and will intend to provide an additional 2,5 MEUR in 2019.

KfW, EIB and AFD have launched the Clean Oceans Initiative for the reduction of pollutions in our oceans. 2 Billion euros will be used for urban waste management, water sanitation and flood prevention, harbor management and public awareness on riverine and coastal areas in developing countries in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. PROBLUE: The World Bank is launching a new multi-donor trust fund aiming at supporting healthy and productive oceans by tackling marine pollution, managing fisheries and fostering the sustainable growth of coastal economies.

AFD will also intend to contribute to the Problue trust fund, hosted by the World Bank, especially on the governance of fisheries window.

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