France supports regional co-operation on ‘Influenza-like illness’ [fr]

From the 17th to the 21st of November, the Institut Pasteur based in Ho Chi Minh City is organizing a training workshop to be attended by numerous participants from ASEAN countries and beyond. With the financial support of the French Embassy in Vietnam, through the ASEAN regional co-operation budget, this workshop is a great opportunity of knowledge sharing and public policies evolution. Indeed, new pathogens outbreaks (such as the coronavirus in the Middle-East or the new strain of avian flu, H7N9, in China) or outbreaks of already well known pathogens, such as the Evola virus in West Africa, show the importance to remain committed to fight infectious diseases.

Such situations, sometimes tragic, require for health care providers and public health leaders an ongoing and routine training. The Pasteur research department in Hong-Kong, in partnership with the International Pasteur Network and the Public health school of Hong-Kong University, provides its support to such trainings. The training will discuss the rational and aims of influenze-like illness surveillance and provide the needed skills to conduct similar trainings in institutions or countries within this vast and populous region.

The trainees will be able to develop epidemiological survey questionnaires and to communicate the results in a way allowing action of public authorities. Quite quickly, this training should allow an improvement of countries responsiveness facing any outbreak of infectious diseases, as participants will enhance their skills to coordinate and guide policy responses. It implies a quality enhancement of field survey. Then, the workshop will allow the creation of a network of scientists and health professionals capable to coordinate national and international public health responses.

The training center of the Institut Pasteur in Ho Chi Minh City is well equipped for such trainings and could even in future “be positioned as a regional reference for public health training, with the support of its partners” explains Pr Roberto Bruzzone, from the Pasteur research department at Hong-Kong University.

France supports regional co-operation in South East Asia (Regional delegation for co-operation in ASEAN) on health issues. This workshop is supported with a 7 450 € grant allocated to participants coming from ASEAN countries.

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