Gaza - Statement by Laurent Fabius, French Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development (August 4, 2014) [fr]

How many more deaths do there have to be for what must clearly be called the Gaza carnage to stop? Israel and France have a long-standing tradition of friendship and Israel has a complete right to security, but this right does not justify children being killed and civilians massacred. Hamas obviously bears overwhelming responsibility in this macabre downward spiral of violence, which above all serves the extremists, but this doesn’t justify, either, what the United Nations Secretary-General described as crimes.

This is why we support, demand the establishment of a genuine ceasefire, as Egypt is proposing, and we are ready, as French and Europeans, to contribute to it in a concrete way. This is also why a political solution is essential – one whose parameters are known and which, to my mind, will have to be imposed by the international community, since the two parties have unfortunately shown themselves incapable of concluding the negotiation despite countless attempts.

A ceasefire, the two-state solution imposed and Israel’s security – there’s no other way.


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