Have you considered that death penalty is irrevocable ?

10 Octobre : World and European Day against Death Penalty

JPEG 10 years ago, police in a small village in China’s southern Hubei province discovered the mostly decomposed body of an unidentified woman. Local villager She Xianglin had recently reported his wife, Zhang Zaiyu, missing. Zaiyu’s family swore the body was hers, and police arrested Xianglin and charged him with murder.

Then one day, Xianglin’s wife strolled into town, very much alive. It turned out Zaiyu had gotten tired of marriage and ran away to start a new life. Unaware of Xianglin’s detention, she claims, she returned to the village to check on her parents and friends. Four days after her resurrection, Xianglin was released from prison.

Have you ever been unfairly or wrongly accused of something ? Join the EU in the world marking against the Death Penalty 10 October.

Dernière modification : 06/07/2022

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