Improving marine meteorology to enhance Indonesia’s Blue economy and resilience to natural disasters

Jakarta, 19 December 2019 – Luky Alfirman, Indonesian Director general of Budget ,Emmanuel Baudran, AFD Director in Indonesia signed a financing agreement today with Olivier Chambard, the French Ambassador for Indonesia and Timor Leste for a project to strengthen the capacities of the Meteorological, Climatological and Geophysical Agency (BMKG), The maritime domain is one of the major features of the identity, security and development of Indonesia, the world’s largest archipelago. The development of maritime activities in Indonesia is generating a growing demand for reliable information and services from the BMKG, a national agency dedicated to these weather and climate services.


Climate change poses a serious threat for the country, both socio-economic and economic, especially since 50 million people live less than 3 km away from the coast. The 2018 GIEC report predicts an increase of typhoons, heavier rain and drought episodes. As such, it underlines the need for performing systems for the collection, analysis and dissemination of marine meteorological data for climate-sensitive populations and sectors.

In order to meet these challenges, BMKG has decided to continue its modernization effort, initiated by a first capacity building project financed by the French Treasury. A second program has been launched to set up a comprehensive weather and climate forecasting information system. AFD is supporting this ambitious program with a EUR 63.7 million soft loan and a EUR 1,2 million grant, dedicated to marine meteorology, in line with its strategic priority in the Blue economy, particularly in maritime transport, fisheries, oceanography and marine meteorology.

For Olivier Chambard, the French Ambassador in Indonesia : “ With a total contribution of 130 M EUR from AFD and the French Treasury, France is fully mobilized to support the efforts of the Government of Indonesia in strengthening marine meteorology development !”


This project includes new equipment and capacity building to improve data collection and observation systems (sea buoys, coastal and marine radar...), to strengthen the modelling and forecasting capacities (integration of satellites data, improvement of existing models...) as well as to disseminate meteorological forecasts and alerts to the users (transport, fishing, aquaculture...).

The project will help to improve planning and adaptation capacities of populations, risk management departments and maritime economic actors, but also reduce economic losses from natural disasters and recurring weather events. Monitoring and knowledge of the ocean and climate change will be improved to anticipate adaptation measures and promote the resilience of the most vulnerable populations to climate risks.


“With around 20% of the maritime transport passing through the Malacca Detroit and 6 million people living directly from the sea in Indonesia, strengthening in a more reliable and accurate marine meteorology systems is a good investment. It is even a better investment when you consider that temperature of the sea in Indonesia have an impact on the atmospheric air flows between Pacific and Indian Ocean such as the monsoon!” said Emmanuel Baudran, AFD Director in Indonesia.

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