International Conference on South-East Asia Metropolises & Urbanization

Southeast Asia Metropolises & Urbanization: Challenges and Tools in the Context of Climate Change

In recent decades, issues on urbanization and climate change have been recognized as the urgent phenomenon which should be incorporated in urban development planning, especially in the metropolitan areas where millions of people live and work. Southeast Asia metropolises offer an excellent observation laboratory regarding urban issues. Their rapid growth, often uncontrolled, presents major challenges for social cohesion and spatial segregation, access to essential services and tenure. In addition to these sources of tensions, these cities are exposed to greater risks generated by environmental degradation and recurrent natural hazards in the region. These issues enhance the relevance of urban policy issues, the necessity for developing specific planning tools for adaptation and mitigation, strengthening of local authorities and concerted participation and solidarity of all actors involved.

Urban governance figures among the French international action priorities (French Cooperation Guidelines in support of urban governance published in 2009). Bringing together the many actors involved in this field, the French Partnership for the city and territories mobilizes and coordinates the French expertise to present a common vision and a common assessment abroad, as it was the case at the 5th World Urban Forum in Rio de Janeiro (23-23 Mar. 2010) during which UN Habitat gave to France the lead for the implementation of guidelines on decentralization and access to basic services.

For these reasons, the Embassy of France in Indonesia, the French Regional Delegation for South East Asia (Bangkok) and the Indonesian Association of Planners (IAP), with the support of UN-HABITAT, the Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (IRD) and Universitas Indonesia, took the initiative to organize an international conference on urban governance of largest cities of Southeast Asia in the context of climate change to be held in Jakarta on 19 and 20 October 2010.

In link with the World Habitat, this seminar aims at identifying and discussing the common challenges faced by Southeast Asian metropolises. In the context rapid and uncontrolled urbanization and climate change, the ambition of this conference will be in particular to launch a reflexion at the regional level on the possible solutions and tools to address these issues, by enabling the sharing of experiences among scholars, practitioners, researchers and local authorities. Promoting a comparative approach focusing on the patterns and forms of organization and governance of metropolises such as Jakarta, Manila, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City, and Singapore, the main ambition of this conference is to indentify the common challenges faced by these cities and propose concrete solutions and tools to address uncontrolled urbanization and climate change in Southeast Asian cities

Date: Tuesday 19th and Wednesday 20th October 2010
- Venue: J.W Marriot Hotel. Mega Kuningan Complex, Jakarta, INDONESIA

For more information, please contact Mr. Philippe Maurel.

The detailed programme of the seminar can be dowloaded below.

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Programme du Séminaire Métropoles d’Asie
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