Is the attitude towards Death Penalty changing in Indonesia ?

10 Octobre : World and European Day against Death Penalty

In 2011, Ruyati binti Sapubi, a 54-year-old Indonesian maid working in Saudi Arabia, was sentenced to death after she confessed of murdering her employer after suffering abuse. The ruling caused an outcry in Indonesia. Indonesia reacted by reaching out to its citizens on death row around the world establishing a taskforce to protect the approximately 200 Indonesians facing the death penalty overseas.

Presently 20 year old Indonesian citizen Wilfrida Soik is facing the death sentence if found guilty of killing her Malaysian employer. Her trial will commence 17 November. Do these episodes change your perception of the Death Penalty ? Join the EU in world marking against the Death Penalty 10 October.

Zoom in on the progress of cancelling the use of Death Penalty at :


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