Joint Statement of the French and German Ambassadors to Indonesia on the Treaty of Aachen, January 22nd, 2019

By Jean-Charles Berthonnet, Ambassador of the Republic of France to Indonesia, and Peter Schoof, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Indonesia.

On 22 January 1963, the President of the French Republic Charles de Gaulle and the Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany Konrad Adenauer met in Paris to sign a cooperation treaty. The so-called “Élysée Treaty” aimed at achieving reconciliation between their two nations. It set the goal for increased cooperation between Germany and France in the areas of international relations, defense and education. It became the symbol of the relationship forged between France and Germany.

Today, France and Germany share a common ambition for the European project : a democratic, sovereign and united Europe, a competitive Europe, a Europe that is a basis for prosperity and defends its economic and social model and its cultural diversity, a Europe that promotes an open society, based on shared values of pluralism, solidarity and justice, a Europe that is ready to assert its global role to promote international peace and security.

On the occasion of the 56th Anniversary of the “Elysée Treaty”, a new treaty will be signed in Aachen (Germany) on Tuesday, by French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The new Aachen treaty has the ambition to foster economic, social and fiscal convergence between the two countries, to support and facilitate the learning of the language of each other and on the international stage, to strengthen their cooperation in Foreign policy, security and defense.

Germany and France are committed to seize the opportunity of their joint presence at the UN Security Council in 2019-2020 for joint initiatives, including in the field of conflict prevention, and to increase EU coordination regarding UN matters. The Security Council will be chaired by France next March, followed by Germany in April and by Indonesia in May. It is therefore a great opportunity for the three countries to foster their dialogue on the international scene, as they share the primary responsibility of ensuring peace and security around the world.

With this new treaty, France and Germany reaffirm their commitment to further strengthen their economy. Our two countries have a deep attachment to open markets, to multilateralism and to an ambitious EU trade policy. In this field, France and Germany are strongly supporting the EU in elaborating solutions to modernize the multilateral trade system. Our two Nations also strongly believe in the development of trade with Indonesia and are actively supporting the negotiation of a comprehensive economic partnership between the European Union and Indonesia.

We, Ambassadors of France and Germany to Indonesia, in line with the “Aachen Treaty”, that gives a new momentum and widen up the scope of the cooperation between our two countries, strongly wish to act together along with Indonesia on international issues such as climate change and all the issues debated within the G20.

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