Paris 2024: an opportunity for European sports policy [fr]

At the European Education, Youth, Culture and Sports Council on 21 November, Laura Flessel, Minister of Sport, drew her counterparts’ attention to the fact that the awarding of the Olympic and Paralympic Games to France for 2024 was a victory for the whole of Europe.

These Games are an opportunity to develop a common European agenda for sport, and to galvanise citizens’ enthusiasm for the European Union and its values. This is why, in keeping with the EU Work Plan for Sport, the Minister underscored France’s commitment to working towards the consolidation of a European vision of sport and the establishment of a shared sports policy which could form part of the Games’ legacy.

In the run-up to the Games themselves, we need to use this time to cooperate more effectively at European level on ethics, integrity, good sports governance, combating doping and sharing out the dividends better between host territories and events owners.

Whilst France will be organising Paris 2024, Europe as a whole will be encouraged to contribute. Between now and then, willing Member States have a chance to think about enhancing European identity through sport, the European mobility of high-level athletes, better sharing out of the resources generated by certain high-profile events and the hosting of European athletes during the Olympiad running from 2020 to 2024 for example.

With this in mind, the Minister has invited all of her counterparts to come to Paris next spring (2018) to identify practical ways in which we could work together to improve the sporting landscape in Europe.

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