Seminar internasional tentang regulasi ekonomi, 03/11/2009 di Jakarta


One Day International Seminar

“What kind of regulation for the economy ? The case for Asia.” (China, India, Indonesia, Japan)

- Tuesday, November 3rd 2009
- from 9.00 to 17.00
- @ Auditorium Post-Graduate Building, Faculty of Economics University of Indonesia, Depok.

Opening speeches by :
- Darwin Zahedy Saleh, Minister for Energy and Mineral Resources.
- Philippe Zeller, French Ambassador to Indonesia.
- Firmanzah, Dean of Faculty of Economics, UI.

After the severe economic crisis of 1997, Asian economies are once again confronted to a financial crisis whose consequences are already felt in the real economy. Even though there clearly is better coordination of the economic policies of the Asian countries, through the action of ASEAN for instance, which should offer at least short term solutions, it remains to be seen how things will evolve in the future, which calls for an analysis of the role of the state in the economy as well as the place devoted to regulation.

The aim of this seminar is to examine what lessons have been learnt by the major Asian countries in the aftermath of the 1997 crisis and what is the state of their economies one year after the financial crisis of the Fall of 2008. The analysis will focus on the role such new emerging powers as China, India and Indonesia can play in the region as well ponder on the specific role Japan can have in the current crisis and in future regulation of the economy.

Both local and international experts are invited to provide tentative answers to the above-mentioned questions, with a particular focus on Indonesia, a country that has been severely hit by the financial and economic crises of 1997 and 2008 and that has tried to provide specific response to them.

Seminar Program

Speakers :

- Marc Humbert, Director of the French - Japanes House, Tokyo.

1. Remarks on the positive aspects of the Industrial Globalization against the financial crisis-: How to support and Manage Intra-regional and International Trade of Goods, Capital and Technology

2. Japanese Economic Situation —One year after the start of the financial crisis-in the United States

- Basudeb Chaudhuri, Director of the Center for Human Sciences in New Delhi.

1. What kind of regulation for the economy? The case for Asia -Djakarta 3 November 2009- India : Macroeconomic stability during financial crisis, a long term view

2. Dialogue on International Regulation : some comments on the general context and the role of emerging countries

- Charit Tingsabadh, Director of the Center of European Studies, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok.

Contribution of -Charit Tingsabadh-Centre for European Studies -and -Chula Global Network-Chulalongkorn University-

- M. Ikhsan Modjo, Faculty of Economics, Airlangga University.

The Indonesian Economy, Road to Recovery

- Telisa Aulia Falianty, Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia.

Two Issues in East Asian Countries Following Global Crises:A Surge in Capital Inflows and Currency Diversification; What Regulations Are Needed ?

- Fauziah, Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia.

Global Crisis: Indonesia’s Fiscal Policy Response

- Xavier Richet, Professor of Economics, University of Paris III - Sorbonne Nouvelle.

China: Adjusting to and overcoming the financial crisis

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