The 6th World Water Forum, March 2012 - TIME FOR SOLUTIONS

Next March 2012, 140 ministerial delegations, over 180 countries, 800 speakers and 25 000 participants are expected to
attend more than 250 conferences and over 400 hours of exchanges and debates at the largest water event in the world.
The ultimate goal: to raise water issues higher on global agendas.

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JPEG The 6th World Water Forum ‐ Time for Solutions – is a key milestone on the road to solving water related challenges in the
world, from access to water and sanitation for all, to climate change and food safety.

The 6th World Water Forum is to be the Forum of Commitments and Solutions and we are looking for concrete actions
towards solving the world water problems. We invite proposals which are feasible in restrained financial, social and
environmental conditions. The possibilities offered to the water professionals to interact with high‐level political decisionmakers
make the Forum an ideal platform for discussing the way forward.
” Prof. Benedito Braga, President of the 6th World
Water Forum and Vice‐President of the World Water Council.

In order to address global water challenges, the works and discussions at the 6th World Water Forum will be guided by 12
Priorities for Action and 3 Conditions for Success, translated into common and measurable goals. These targets and their
roadmaps provide a strategic frame to the identification and replication of promising solutions and commitments.

12 priorities for action
Ensure Everyone’s Well‐Being 1.1 Guarantee access to water for all and the Right to Water
1.2 Improve access to integrated sanitation services for all
1.3 Contribute to hygiene and health through water and sanitation
1.4 Prevent and respond to water‐related risks and crises
1.5 Contribute to cooperation and peace through water
Contribute to Economic Development 2.1 Balance multiple uses through IWRM ‐ Integrated Water Resource Management
2.2 Contribute to food security by the optimal use of water
2.3 Harmonise water and energy
2.4 Promote Green Growth and value ecosystem services
Keep the Planet Blue 3.1 Improve the quality of water resources and ecosystems
3.2 Adjust pressures and footprints of human activities on water
3.3 Respond to climate and global changes in an urbanising world
and 3 conditions for Success
Conditions for Success CS1 Good governance
CS2 Financing water for all
CS3 Enabling environments

This 6th Forum will be the breeding ground for strong commitments and partnerships aimed at the introduction and scaling
up of promising solutions by all the stakeholders from the different regions: elected representatives, decision‐makers, civil
society, financial partners and experts.


The 6th World Water Forum programme

The programme will bring forward the outcomes of the long preparatory processes taking place prior to the Forum – at the
political, thematic, regional and local & grassroots levels –,the daily progress through the evening multi‐stakeholders
synthesis sessions, and at the end, the commitments and declarations at the close of the week.

NB: Provisional programme. For updated version, visit

In line with previous Forums, the next Forum edition continues to innovate for the sake of water, with:

- An international Platform of Solutions,, to last beyond 2012, for all to consult and contribute to.

- A roadmap for concrete commitments, involving experts and decision makers from different background and responsibilities from all regions.

- A new commission, « Grassroots & Citizenship », to involve civil society

- A strengthening of the political process, through significant contributions and commitments from parliamentarians and local and regional authorities worldwide.

- Debates on sensitive issues.


The international water community and all stakeholders are invited to contribute and participate to the 6th World Water

Here is how to join the change makers in Marseille, March 12 to 17, 2012:

- Contribute with a solution, existing or innovative, to help address the global water challenges. Detailed proposals can be
shared on line at

- Join one of the 6th World Water Forum working groups in charge of identifying solutions and generating commitments –
through a 3‐step process: consult the list of priorities and targets on; select the relevant
target(s); contact the coordinator by e‐mail with your proposal of contribution and solution(s).

- Participate to the Forum sessions and debates. Registration is now open and early birds get best conditions. A low fare has
also been designed for students so as to encourage a large participation of young people. Free school visits can be
organised on Tuesday March 13 and Thursday March 15 (application for registration:

- Join the network initiatives: Youth initiatives, Women for water, NGOs, Ethic& culture…

- Propose a project for institutional support and get the 6th World Water Forum label.

- Organise a side event or participate in the water exhibition promoting water solutions.

- Apply to the International Water prizes that will be awarded in Marseille during the Forum week.

- It is also possible to join the volunteers to help welcome, guide, inform the speakers, the participants and the citizens.

More details available on


More about … A sustainable tool to share solutions and to commit for water
Designed by the International Forum Committee for the 6th World Water Forum in 2012 and beyond, this Platform of
Solutions is an open‐source, transparent digital tool dedicated to collect, to share and to follow solutions and commitments
for water, from the international water community ‐ but not only‐. This tool is anchored in the Forum’s global water priorities
and thematic or regional targets, following a WISE methodology: Wide Involvement Stakeholders Exchanges. This
international platform is an intuitive working space, a knowledge‐sharing basis, a network as well as an international
communication and exchange device, open to all.

- The Forum’s preparatory process: The Forum is a tri‐annual process initiated as soon as the host country and host city have
been selected by a series of preparatory processes which combine thematic, regional, political and citizens’ activities. These
processes, managed by 4 commissions, mobilize over two thousand water stakeholders in over the 5 continents and
culminate in the Forum week. However this week is not an end in itself: it represents simply an important milestone in a
continuous process combining dialogue, action and monitoring of the results.

- The 6th World Water Forum organizers are: France, City of Marseille and the World Water Council, with the support of local
and regional authorities. The International Forum Committee secretariat is based in Marseille. Contact: +33 (0) 4 95 09 01 40

- The World Water Council: is an international NGO which provides a platform for exchanges and partnership building among
all institutions of the water community. It was created in 1996 by water organizations and by UN Agencies. Its missions are to
raise awareness on water issues and to stimulate political commitments in favour of water. Today, it has more than 400
member organizations from about 100 countries.

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