Towards disability-inclusive vocational training: First training for the CNEFP Tibar [fr]

HI Timor Leste launched in August its collaboration with the National Vocational Training Center (CNEFP) of Tibar, Timor Leste, with the aim for the center to start including people with disabilities among its trainees in the second semester 2015. Created in 2009, the center promotes professional training with an emphasis on civil construction, and aims to becoming a center for excellence in East Timor.

The first activity was the implementation from August 11th to 15th of training for 18 staffs and the management team of the center. Funded by the French Institute in Indonesie & Timor Leste (IFI), the activity raised the awareness of participants regarding the rights of persons with disabilities, presented them the legal framework on disability in Timor Leste, and introduced the notions of inclusive education, accessibility and universal design. The next training, targeting technical “focal points” in the center is due to start in October 2015.


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